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Our firm is mainly specialized in labor protection related consultancy; this is the basic service of our firm.

We provide our work safety and health protection related activities on all industrial fields; for both small and medium sized enterprises and in a multinational environment, too.

We perform work protection related tasks occurring at your firm thereby saving you time and energy for your own development; while, at the same time, these tasks are in strong hands of a more proficient service provider.  


All labour protection services   

Construction industry specific safety and health protection coordination

Determination of internal policy related to provision of individual protective tool gear

Determination of policy on employment related medical examinations

Elaboration of labor protection related risk assessment

Elaboration of rescue plan

Examination and reporting of accidents at work

Elaboration of work protection regulation

Execution of periodic, safety supervisions

Labour protection related legal consultancy

Labour protection related installation

Labour protection related training

Representation of clients in official matters

Elaboration of jacking plans

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Performance of labour protection tasks with constant cooperation.

During continuous cooperation, we control the labour protection tasks, update the documentation and are at your continuous disposal according to the needs of our client. During the continuous cooperation, we cover the tasks regarded as professional activities, which the applicable legal regulations and standards specify.

The clients, in constant cooperation with us, comply with their legal obligations relating to compulsory employment of a labour protection professional. By means of this service option of ours, we can guarantee 100% responsibility thereby making the costs calculable and the labour protection tasks plannable for our clients.


Chemical risk assessment

Chemical risk assessment covers the minimal measures necessary to avoid or mitigate health or safety related risks resulting from the exposition of hazardous material or mixtures being present at the workplace or during the work process.


Work and knowledge

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First steps

Keep your business and colleagues safe with the help of our complex services.

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