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We carry out the fire protection tasks at your firm thereby saving time and energy for you to develop your firm while these tasks are in the strong hands of professional service provider.

Performing fire protection related tasks with continuous cooperation 

During continuous cooperation, we control the fire protection tasks, update related documentation and are at your disposal on a continuous basis, according to the needs of our client.  we cover the tasks regarded as professional activities which the applicable legal regulations and standards specify. By means of this service option of ours, we can guarantee 100% responsibility thereby making the costs calculable and the fire protection tasks plannable for our clients.


All fire protection services 

Elaboration of fire protection regulation, regular update and review thereof

Firms employing more than five employees or operating a facility, which can host more than fifty persons as well as commercial inns must elaborate a fire protection regulation in accordance with law.

Elaboration of fire alarm plan and continuous review thereof

The fire alarm plan is prepared based on defined requirements, it specifies the TO DOs and the scope of responsibilities. During its preparation, the aim is to evacuate all the employees of the company and their guests from the premises. 

Fire protection training

The fire protection training curriculum is prepared in consideration of the local endowments. During its preparation, the fire protection related rules for use as well as the requirements, conditions defined in the fire protection regulation and in the fire alarm plan.

Fire protection related professional exam

Applicable decree stipulates that certain work processes can only be performed following the successful completion of fire protection related professional exam. By passing the fire protection professional exam, the employees obtain knowledge in relation to their scope of duties. By doing so, the can prevent accidents and learn how to behave correctly in case of fire.   Those managers guiding the work of colleagues subject to professional exam must also have valid fire protection related professional certificate. If requested, our firm undertakes to organize the completion of fire protection exam in case of suffcient number of attendees; even on the premises of the firm.

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